2018 Year of the Dog Flying Stars

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2018 Flying Stars Feng Shui

Year Of The Yang - Earth Dog


One of the most intriguing aspects of Feng Shui is called the Flying Stars system. Each year energies change bringing in good and bad influences and are identified as “Flying Stars”.

Good stars are Romance, Luck, Wealth, Good Fortune, Future Prosperity and the aim is to enhance and strengthen their affect by using appropriate colours and elements to achieve the most benefit. Likewise, we avoid colours and elements that weaken them.

Bad or malevolent stars are Illness, Arguments, Robbery, Misfortune and we make changes to weaken their effect and reduce their impact.

The Stars are likely to be felt more if that particular Star targets a bedroom, your front door or office.

Your Feng Shui changes and placements for 2018 need to be done on February 4th.

2018 is likely to be a year of natural disasters as the Future Prosperity star is in the Centre thus triggering problems. It may be a year of hardship for many, so it is important that the correct Feng Shui cures are placed in the appropriate sectors of your home/business.

Everyone needs to be financially cautious this year.

As stated in previous years, there is always going to be good and bad in any year but by observing the principles of Feng Shui, particularly the Flying Stars you can minimise the bad stuff and enhance the good stuff.

To determine the areas in your house/workplace, stand in the centre of your home/office with a compass and determine which sector is in the North, South, East, West and so on. The bit in the middle is the Centre.

1. Luck - North West


The Luck star, brings success in business and competitive pursuits, particularly if your main door or bedroom is in the N.W.

Especially good for the Patriarch/eldest male in the house and for Dogs and Boars in 2018.

Keep the area quiet, do not undertake renovations in the NW this year.

To increase the benefits in 2018, display a Victory Banner, bejewelled wind-horse, and an Arowana (to protect your wealth). Water colours are good here. Display a Wu Lu if your bedroom.

Hang a Bagwa mirror outside if the NW is affected by poison arrows.

Increase Metal objects (bowls, bells, vases etc) and metal colours (gold, silver, bronze, white). Also increase water colours (blue, black)

Avoid Fire colours (red, purple, pink), candles, bright lights.

The Grand Duke resides in the South East in 2018 so you need to display a Pi Yao in the North West facing the South East.

2. Illness - West


Always a nasty star bringing sickness, temperamental behaviour and hidden dangers especially if your front door, living room or bedroom are here.

If your front door keep lighting in the foyer as dim as possible. Whilst all in the house are affected, Roosters and youngest female are most vulnerable.

There is the potential for fire here this year so check your smoke alarms and avoid candles.

To protect yourself display a statue of Quan Yin, Medicine Buddha, gold 3 legged toad. Hang a Wu Lu, 6 coins and a protection bell etc. Place a Tsai Shen figurine to protect your wealth.

Keep the area quiet. Avoid Fire symbols and colours (red, purple, pink), increase metal colours (gold, silver, white)

3. Arguments - North East


This star causes arguments, misunderstandings, legal action, disputes and violence. Check legal documents thoroughly, check security.

Most vulnerable if your house or front door face the North East. Oxen, Tigers and the youngest male are most susceptible.

Protect yourself by keeping the area well lit, paint the door red (or place a red door mat). Hang a Wu Lu and a peace/harmony amulet.

Increase fire symbols and colours (red, pink, purple)

Avoid water near the front door, avoid metal symbols and colours (gold, silver, white). No wind-chimes.

4. Romance - South


A good star especially likely to benefit Horses and the middle daughter and if your front door faces South. Also increases the chance of travel. Keep the area clean and clutter free especially if your office or bedroom.

Increase Water colours here (blue, black, grey)

Avoid Fire colours (red, pink, purple) and Metal colours (gold, silver, white) and associated objects and symbols.

Display Mandarin Ducks, hugging couples, Quan Yin, double happiness symbols. Rose Quartz and relationship crystals are good here.

A Dragon headed turtle will increase relationship opportunities, a 7 level Pagoda will increase academic success.

5. Misfortune - North


Brings havoc, danger, business loss, health issues, accidents and potential legal issues in 2018 particularly if your bedroom is here or your front door or desk faces the north.

Avoid noise, renovations etc so as to not trigger the bad luck this star can bring.

Rats and the middle son are most susceptible.

Place a 5 Element pagoda (or wear a pendant or carry a key chain with this on it). Display 6 I Ching coins, 6 rod metal wind chime, Wu Lu, gold Tsai Shen.

Avoid fire symbols and colours (red, pink, purple) and Earth symbols and colours (yellow, orange, ochre, clay and crystal objects).

Increase Metal objects (bowls, bells etc) and colours (silver, gold, bronze, white)

The Three Killings are also in this sector in 2018 (loss of reputation, loss of wealth, loss of a loved one) which makes this star even more volatile. It’s important to place cures here this year along with a set of the 3 Celestial Animals.

6. Good Fortune - South West


If your front door faces or your bedroom is in this sector you are most likely to experience increased good fortune, maybe even a financial windfall. Sheep, Monkeys and the Matriarch are most likely to benefit.

If your bedroom, increase Blues and other water colours otherwise enhance this area with earth colours (yellow, orange, ochre), crystals, sun catchers.

Avoid Fire symbols and colours (red, pink, purple)

7. Robbery Violence - East


Particularly lethal in this position, causes robbery, burglary, deceit, backstabbing particularly from people you thought you could trust if left unattended this year. Rabbits and eldest son most vulnerable and if your front door faces or bedroom is in the East.

Check your security and smoke alarms especially if your front door is here. Can also cause health issues and arguments in this position.

Keep the area as quiet as possible, increase Water symbols and colours (blue, black, grey). Place a blue Rhino and blue Elephant here along with anti burglary talismans.

Avoid Earth objects (clay items, crystals etc), and colours (yellow, orange, ochre). Likewise avoid Fire symbols and colours (red, purple, pink). NO metal wind chimes.

8. Wealth - South East


A good star increasing your chance of improved wealth, success and happiness. Especially good for Snakes and Dragons, the eldest female and if your front door faces the South East.

Keep the area active (music etc), increase Fire symbols and colours (red, purple, pink) BUT avoid metal objects and colours (gold, silver, bronze) at all costs.

Place wealth stones here, Citrine, Cinnabar, jade etc. Rose Quartz hearts and other relationship symbols to capture the romance aspect of this sector in 2018 (mandarin ducks, hugging couples etc)

Display 6 gold I Ching coins, jade mystic knot, 3 legged Toad, Tsai Shen and faceted sun catchers.

9. Future Prosperity - Centre


The star of great promise, enhance to protect your wealth, luck and romance energy.

Place Wu Lu, gold Ingots, 8 gold coins, Mandarin Ducks, hugging couples, double happiness symbols, victory banner, Rose Quartz.

Increase Fire symbols and colours (red, pink, purple). Keep area well lit.

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