2018 Year of the Dog Predictions

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2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Rat

The year of the Yang Earth Dog will be productive and rewarding for the charismatic, intelligent and gifted Rat but not without its problems.

Fortunately, the Rat has an innate ability to sense upcoming issues before they become a problem and this talent will mean he’ll be able to deal with the problem efficiently or remove himself from an unfavourable situation.

Acknowledging the positive and being grateful for everything the Rat already has in his life would bring enormous benefits.

Work Life for the Rat in 2018

The year will be varied and busy with opportunities opening in the workplace which will improve income and lifestyle both immediate and in the future.

The possibility of travel is also on the horizon for the Rat who has any business connections away from home base. If the Rat is to gain maximum profit from these opportunities, he will benefit from acknowledging his propensity to become distracted and placing his energies into other projects or schemes that will not eventuate.

Recognising this trait and avoiding the pull to become distracted, will help him to remain disciplined and be able to focus on the task at hand.

If the Rat maintains discipline and focus, he will enjoy the resulting gains in years to come.

He needs to view 2018 as a year to lay down the foundations for the future. As the year will be busy and varied, the Rat should allow himself periods of rest to recharge his energy levels. The Rat is a gregarious creature with an abundance of friends and has an exceptional ability to work well with others.

This trait brings him respect from his workmates as he demonstrates his keenness to work as a positive team member.

With his many social and work connections, the Rat will have much advice and support on hand.

If there are opportunities for growth or promotion, others will jump in with encouragement and a kind word in the right places.

Regular communication with contacts, including employment specialists, will be beneficial to discuss any desires for work experience growth or change. The year of the Dog will hold many possibilities that can open up for the Rat; for best results, both immediate and future, it will be advantageous to remain mindful and focused on goals.

A positive mental attitude throughout the year is imperative for the Rat to succeed in his future endeavours. Reward and enjoyment for efforts may not be immediate, but the Rat mustn’t get disillusioned.

Rewards will come with persistence and determination.

The second half of the year, from mid-August to November will deliver the best prospects.

However, April is also a favourable month for best opportunities.

Finances for the Rat in 2018

The Rats efforts during the year of the Dog should increase income. There will also be opportunities for income growth by turning a hobby into profit or additional work. TheRat’s keen eye needs to be especially alert if entering into any significant transactions, or something that has a risk element to it such as investments.

Remaining vigilant, reading documents thoroughly and asking for advice, will prevent any unexpected financial losses.

Domestic and Social Life for the Rat in 2018

The year of the Dog will be a busy one for the Rat, and he must be careful not to neglect his relationships and personal life.

It will be easy for the Rat to get so caught up with demands placed upon him that he may retreat from those closest to him.

This oversight could result in tension and disharmony.

Regular communication, and sharing any concerns with those close to him, will bring support and caring advice which will help maintain harmony and peace. The Rat is a very social, likeable individual so organising and spending time with friends will bring balance into his life.

Once again, Rat, you mustn’t allow pressure to result in you hibernating from your social circle. The Rat must not neglect his health during 2018.

Regular exercise, outdoor activities and carefully reviewing his diet will improve the overall quality of his wellbeing and longevity. Overall, the year of the Dog will be very satisfying for the Rat.

It’s a great year for professional progress with improvements also in his financial situation.

However, the Rat must remain alert, avoid tardiness and pay attention to others most especially in his personal life.

If not already doing so, 2018 is a perfect year to start a Gratitude Journal this will prevent the Rat from falling into a negative mindset which could become a habit and influence the outcome of the year.

You, Rat are in control of your thoughts, and your thoughts do, undoubtedly, create your present and future life. As a Rat you are in affinity with the Ox. For your protection, you should have a keychain pendant of an Ox with you at all times throughout the year in 2018.

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Ox

Hard-working, persistent, conservative, loyal and private; the year of the Yang Earth Dog will be a busy one for the Ox, which includes some pleasurable social occasions and travel.

The year will arrive with some unexpected challenges and pressures but be assured, Ox, that your rewards will come in the long-term.

Work Life for the Ox in 2018

There will be much to achieve and accomplish during the year, and the strength and perseverance characteristics of the Ox will help see him through any challenges.

The Ox will have much to gain by applying his usual tenacity to projects. The Dog year will be a demanding one, and the Ox could find additional expectations placed on him which could increase workload.

Once again, the Ox will discover new abilities and strengths by taking on any new demands.

He will enjoy the benefits from his efforts in upcoming years.

The Dog year will not be the best year for work change.

If the Ox is determined to change employment, then he will need to be prepared to work hard.

The Ox can maximise a positive outcome by keeping an open mind when job hunting as he may find himself in an entirely new, unexpected position.

He may even commence training for something new, and this will be an opportunity for the Ox to develop further skills and expand his work associate circle.

If work is a priority this year April, May, September and November will be the ideal months.

Finances for the Ox in 2018

Many Oxen will enjoy an increase in income during the year of the Dog.

However, this is not the time to overspend or be frivolous.

The Ox will need to budget wisely and most especially if he plans to make any significant purchases, participate in the share market, consider home renovations or travel.

The Ox is by nature a methodical creature, and this will serve him well when it comes to any financial papers including Tax Returns.

Domestic and Social Life for the Ox in 2018

Home-life is very important to the Ox and the year of the Dog will be an active one.

The organisational skills of the Ox will be called upon and appreciated, especially with regards to travel arrangements for a special family holiday.

There could also be an occasion when a relative decides to visit.

The Ox needs to temper his feelings if experiencing frustration over attitude, plans or viewpoint.

The Ox will benefit by taking a deep breath, calming himself down and having a quiet discussion to enable all to express their thoughts and feelings.

Master your temper Ox and all will appreciate and pay more heed to your viewpoint. Invitations to events and an increase in the Oxen’s social circle will also be a highlight this year.

Many will take up a new interest or participate in community activities which will ultimately initiate new connections and friendships.

The Year of the Dog will also find many Oxen enjoying a new relationship and settle down.

2018, however, is not the best time to plan or have a baby, so consider waiting a couple of years.

Plan the arrival of your new baby for the year of the Rat which will be a perfect time.

If planning a wedding then March, April, May, and September will be an excellent time. Although some Oxen are not fans of travel, there will be opportunities to visit and explore various countries both near and far.

The break in routine will bring many benefits to the Ox, and he will feel inspired with increased creativity.

There may also be occasions to travel for work which could cause some frustration. Overall, the year of the Yang Earth Dog will be a busy but favourable time for the Ox.

Travel, new friends and special occasions with the family will be enjoyed and appreciated.

There will be challenges at work but nothing that the resolute Ox can’t handle.

If the Ox learns to control his outbursts of anger and impatience, he will learn much and connect deeper with work-mates, family, and friends.

As an Ox you are in affinity with the Rat. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Rat with you at all times throughout the year.

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Tiger

Action will be required in the year of the Dog for the Tiger to progress and make headway in future years. The charismatic and versatile Tiger can tend to lose interest in a project if things don’t move forward quickly enough for him.

For advancement during the year, the Tiger must seize any opportunities and follow through with implementing ideas. The Dog year is not a year for sitting back, action and hard-work are imperative for future successes.

Work Life for the Tiger in 2018

The Tiger has been working hard and gained much credibility over the past few years, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by his peers and employers who will be recommending and considering him for advancement within the company. It will be to the Tiger’s benefit if he shows enthusiasm to take on additional responsibilities and remain alert to opportunities that arise.

For the Tiger who has been experiencing feelings of frustration at work, or feel they are in a rut, they will need to look for new opportunities and take action.

Learning new skills, re-training or advancing their knowledge via courses is also possible for future successes. The Tiger may have to deal with additional pressures and challenges in a new role, but the determined Tiger will enjoy the process, learn much and propel his career off to other unusual opportunities.

Favourable months for work advancements will be February, March, and July to mid-October. Tigers on the lookout for employment will find success during the year of the Dog.

A new position could well form the foundation for future growth and development while remaining flexible with an open-mind will deliver best results and opportunities.

Learning new skills, re-training or advancing knowledge via courses is also possible and advised for future successes.

Finances for the Tiger in 2018

Although finances are looking promising during the year of the Dog, The Tiger has a habit of being a spendthrift and will need to pay attention to monies coming in and out. Avoid financial stress during the year and stick to a budget.

Domestic and Social Life for the Tiger in 2018

Home life will be rewarding and pleasurable for the Tiger during the year of the Dog.

He’ll benefit by communicating any ideas, feelings or concerns with those closest to him.

The Tiger will appreciate support, encouragement and any advice offered. The Tiger will enjoy participating in home projects, family activities or even just quiet times with loved ones.

There may be periods of disquiet and disharmony during the year, and all will benefit if the Tiger keeps an open-mind, is prepared to communicate, listen to others and tempers his emotions. There’ll be opportunities to travel during the year; this will rejuvenate the restless Tiger and bring an enormous amount of pleasure.

Plan well, check paperwork thoroughly if wishing to explore further afield. April, June, September, and December will be socially active months for the Tiger.

Opportunities will arise where he will make new connections and friends.

The Tiger is a gregarious creature who thrives on being the centre of attention, and he’ll welcome this period of high social activity. Romance features quite strongly for some Tigers during the year of the Dog and marriage could well be on the cards.

For the committed Tiger, there will be many satisfactory occasions, and you will enjoy times spent with your partner. Overall, this is an excellent year for the Tiger. There will be attractive opportunities in the workplace with possibilities to further his knowledge and skills and a delightful home and social life. However, a reminder to avoid complacency, and be prepared and ready to act when needed to ensure enjoyment and success throughout the year.

Your efforts will set foundations for future successes.

Remember; the year of the Dog will demand action for you to make headway. You are in affinity with the Pig/Boar. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Pig with you at all times.

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Rabbit

The Yang Earth Dog will be a year for action, growth, and progress for the peaceful, intelligent and loyal Rabbit.

Much as been achieved in 2017 and the Rabbit will reap his rewards especially in his career but also personal life.

Work Life for the Rabbit in 2018

The Rabbit has worked hard to build up his reputation and credibility with his employer and those wanting to remain in their present position may find new opportunities, including promotion coming their way. Any Rabbits wishing for a change in work situation should make the initiative in 2018.

A change in employment could prove very beneficial both in the immediate and future.

The Dog year will reward those who are enterprising, determined and, more importantly, take action.

Keep an eye open for opportunities, vacancies or anything that spikes an interest and seek advice also from employment agencies.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance Rabbit.

Most favourable months for anything work-related are March, May, June, and September.

‘Action’ is the keyword for the year of the Dog.

Finances for the Rabbit in 2018

The Rabbit’s finances are looking very promising during the year of the Dog.

His work ethic and efforts will increase his income, and maybe even a bonus or gift will come his way.

There is also the possibility of the Rabbit enjoying additional income through cultivating and tapping into a particular skill they possess.

The increase in revenue will enable the Rabbit to enjoy travel and any plans he may have to redesign or renovate his home.

The Rabbit enjoys the finer things in life, and his home surroundings are essential for his peace of mind and equilibrium. The Rabbit would also benefit increasing his savings, or open a savings account if he doesn’t already have one.

He certainly will appreciate this action in future years.

Domestic and Social Life for the Rabbit in 2018

The Rabbit will enjoy and appreciate his home and family life during the year of the Dog.

There is also the possibility of some momentous occasions to celebrate such as a wedding or graduation, and the Rabbit will gain much pleasure from this. Maintaining a close bond with his loved ones is also essential to the wellbeing of the Rabbit so he will need to remember to share his thoughts, feelings, and ideas with those closest to him.

He will benefit from their input and strengthen bonds.

Invitations will roll in for the popular Rabbit during the year.

Others enjoy his company and will wish to include him in their social circles.

Making an effort to socialise more will bring enormous pleasure to the Rabbit and widen his circle of friends.

For the single Rabbit, there is the possibility of connecting with someone special, and some may decide to settle down with their partner to develop their relationship.

March, June through to August and November will be favourable months for socialising and making new friends.

Some Rabbits may also decide to relocate to a new home.

If the Rabbit plans well and brings into play their exceptional organisational skills, it will be a positive move. Overall, the Rabbit has much to look forward to in the year of the Yang Earth Dog, especially with regards to his career, but his personal life will also bring him much pleasure.

The year of the Dog is a time for action; rewards will come for everyone who remains on target with their projects.

You are in affinity with the Dog. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Dog with you at all times.

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Dragon

The flamboyant and assertive Dragon will experience a mixed year through the year of the Dog, and although he will need to move through the year with a certain amount of caution, he will be laying down the foundation for future successes.

Work life for the Dragon in 2018

The Dragon who has been in a work situation, either short or long term, will benefit from grasping opportunities to further his knowledge or improve skillsets throughout the year.

He will maximise the results by learning a new skill that he may not need at the present moment but something he can draw on in the future. For the Dragon who wishes for employment change, the year of the Dog will open doors for an intriguing work opportunity.

Be attentive to any suggestions from friends or work colleagues, about possible vacancies that may appeal.

The year of the Dog rewards those who take action, move forward and don’t hesitate for too long when opportunities come by, and the Dragon may find that a new direction will lead to further paths of growth and development.

Favourable months for career developments are April, June and from late September to November.

Finances for the Dragon in 2018

Planning and budgeting will be crucial during the year of the Dog.

It is not a favourable year for risk-taking.

If presented with any paperwork then the Dragon needs to remain vigilant, read the fine print thoroughly and question any matters that aren’t clear to him.

Domestic and Social Life for the Dragon in 2018

The Dragon may feel overloaded at times during 2018, and he may find himself feeling overwhelmed and pressured leaving little patience for loved ones.

Avoid disharmony within the family environment by communicating concerns, thoughts or feelings with loved ones. Travel, both work-related and recreational, features quite heavily for the Dragon during the year of the Dog with a family holiday proving very beneficial and enjoyable for all.

Careful planning will make the difference between a pleasant vacation and a superb one.

The outgoing, and energetic, Dragon’s social life is looking very promising during the year.

There will be many opportunities to connect with new people through his travel experiences, and also from participating in local activities.

The busiest months for social events will be February, May, August and December.

The Dragon will need to pay attention to their health and wellness during the year, especially if experiencing ongoing tiredness or general lack of energy or motivation.

The Dog year is a perfect time to re-evaluate diet, exercise and rest habits.

Don’t be afraid, Dragon, to seek advice on how to bring balance into your lifestyle to avoid burning out.

Overall, this is a promising year for the Dragon as long as he aims for professional and personal balance with an emphasis on a healthy diet, rest, and exercise.

Maintain an excellent and harmonious relationship with family by keeping the paths of communication open.

Rewards will come in the 2019 Pig year so it will all be worth it Dragon.

You are in affinity with the Rooster. For enhancement keep a key chain pendant of a Rooster with you at all times.

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Snake

The Snake can look forward to a very successful year, but he must be prepared to bring himself out of hiding and take action.

The Snake has many talents but can sometimes lack the energy to fully participate and utilise his skills so he will need to have faith in himself and on his strengths.

Work life for the Snake in 2018

The year of the Yang Earth Dog is looking extremely promising for the highly intelligent Snake. There will be opportunities laid out in front of him for promotion or new responsibilities, but the Snake will need to be bold and step forward.

If there are particular areas the Snake wishes to explore he would be advised to make enquires. The year of the Dog will also be the ideal time for the Snake to further any skills he may have which could lead to new possibilities. Recognition, credibility, and success will fall on those Snakes who have been working long-term on projects. Favourable months for work are February through to April, September, and November.

Just remember Snake, for progress during the year of the Dog you must take action.

Finances for the Snake in 2018

Another favourable aspect during the year of the Dog will be many Snakes enjoying an increase in their income.

There may also be opportunities to make residual income from an idea the Snake is ready to launch. However, the snake will need to budget and implement smart money managing techniques.

Implementing a savings plan during the Dog year will also deliver future security. Ultimately, with proper money management, the Snake will enjoy a much-improved financial position.

Domestic and Social Life for the Snake in 2018

The Snake will spend many pleasurable times with his family including a celebration at some point during the year.

His loved ones will be incredibly supportive and always on hand for any advice or help the Snake may need throughout the year.

The year will be busy for the Snake, but he will enjoy a more than content and rewarding home life if he makes time for his family. To ensure balance, harmony, and well-being, the Snake will also need to make time for friends and social activities.

He will receive invites to events, and the Snake will fair best by accepting and nurturing the connection to his friends.

There is also the chance of some Snakes developing a meaningful and satisfying friendship with the possibility of romance.

The most favourable times for social activities are February, May, July and September.

Travel also features for the Snake during the year of the Dog which will give him some time to rest and recuperate.

The Snake can burn-out reasonably quickly, and his health and longevity is dependent on regular respite during busy periods.

Participating in some low-impact exercise such as yoga or tai chi, and even meditation will highly benefit the Snake.

Give yourself time to recharge during the busiest periods of the year, and you will fair well Snake.

Overall, the year of the Dog will be extremely pleasurable and rewarding for the Snake.

He will find his efforts won’t go unnoticed as long as he steps out from his comfort zone and picks up his pace.

Don’t forget, Snake, to make time for family and friends and take care of your health.

You are in affinity with the Monkey. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Monkey with you at all times.

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Horse

The year of the Yang Earth Dog will have many appealing opportunities for the Horse, however, to reap the rewards and get the most from the year, the notoriously independent Horse will need to link up and join forces with others.

Work life for the Horse in 2018

The Horse can look forward to an auspicious year as far as work is concerned.

Many will find that they’ll be propelled forward as the year progresses with his efforts and initiative acknowledged and recognised by his work colleagues.

Any attempts to go that extra mile will not go unnoticed or be wasteful. The Horse is by nature fiercely independent and prefers to work alone and be answerable to only himself.

However, to succeed in the year of the Dog, the Horse will be required to be a part of a team and make an effort to get to know his colleagues.

He is a likeable, considerate being so making a little more effort to work alongside others won’t be too tricky for the Horse and workmates.

Building his reputation during this year will be highly beneficial for him in future years. There are also excellent possibilities for advancement, new responsibilities, and significant promotion for Horse’s who are content in their present work situation.

For those Horse’s looking for a change of employment, they will find some intriguing possibilities.

Liaising with work colleagues, friends and personnel or human resource organisations will benefit the Horse immensely in his search. The year of the Dog will reward those who make an effort and take action.

Reveal and showcase your talents Horse, and you will be well rewarded.

Favourable months are March, May, July and September.

Finances for the Horse in 2018

Financially this will be a positive year for the Horse, and many will find a very pleasant increase in income along with some additional money from either overtime or other work.

Some Horses may have some substantial outgoings from projects they’re engaged in so planning and budgeting will reduce any stresses associated with increased costs. If the Horse needs to sign any documents, he must read them thoroughly and not be afraid to seek help if needed.

Domestic and Social Life for the Horse in 2018

The Horse will enjoy and value his home life during the year of the Dog.

Communication with loved ones will be valuable to help his understanding of any matters that concern him, and a fresh perspective will be beneficial in so many ways. Re-locating the home is also a possibility for some Horses.

Events will happen very quickly, and the move could prove a little challenging at times with the Horse questioning his motives and decision.

The year of the Dog is a perfect time for completing projects with his family, and in the long run, the Horse will be delighted with his new home and happy he made an effort. Some Horse’s may organise a family holiday during the year or even decide to hold a house-warming party. For the single Horse, there will be opportunities to make new friends and even start a new relationship that could very quickly turn into romance.

This new love interest could lead to settling down, becoming engaged or getting married.

The year holds many exciting social possibilities with April, June, August, and September being the most favourable.

Overall, the year of the Yang Earth Dog will be quite splendid for the Horse.

For maximum gain, he will need to curb his natural independent ways and co-operate and communicate with others.

He’ll be surprised at how much he will enjoy their input and support. You are in affinity with the Sheep/Goat. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Sheep/Goat with you at all times.

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Goat/Sheep

The year of the Yang Earth Dog may be a little challenging for the Goat but if he accepts that he can’t always control every situation, and avoids taking things personally, he will learn and gain much which will prepare and serve him well in the much more favourable 2019 Pig year.

The Dog year will also have some very positive aspects that the Goat can look forward to.

Work life for the Goat in 2018

There will be many attractive opportunities for the Goat to further his knowledge to improve any skills and doing so will increase his chances of promotion or advancement at work.

Any challenges or pressures he encounters during the year will only benefit him by strengthening his character and leading him to new opportunities. The Goat likes to work in a team and alongside others and remaining close and communicating regularly with work colleagues will help ease the Goat through any pressures.

He will value and appreciate any support and advice given especially from more experienced colleagues. The Goat may find himself feeling sensitive about a colleague’s difference of opinion.

To overcome this quickly, and keep the Goat on track, he will need to set aside any feelings of hurt and resolve the problematic situation as promptly as possible.

The year of the Dog will reward everyone for moving forward and taking action as well as not getting side-tracked and distracted.

Goat, this is particularly relevant for you. The Goat who wishes to move to another employment will fare better by utilising his existing skills rather than step out and learn something new.

For higher chances and successes over his competitors, the Goat will manage well if he meticulously prepares for interviews.

Many gains will be made long-term by the Goat who remains consistent and focused.

Most favourable months for work opportunities are April, June, October, and November.

Finances for the Goat in 2018

Although the Goat is not particularly materialistic, he does have a habit of spending his money as it comes in. However, he will need to pay extra attention to his finances during the year of the Dog and aim to curb his spending habits.

Making time to prepare a budget and remain disciplined will help him control his outgoings.

It will also be vital for the Goat to check terms and conditions in any documents that involve an expensive commitment.

Domestic and Social Life for the Goat in 2018

The Goat always values his home life, and with the possible additional pressures during the year it will be beneficial for the Goat to be open about any frustrations, feelings or concerns he may have.

Regular communication will enable his loved ones to have some empathy and understanding, and he will appreciate and value their support. The Goat will enjoy some pleasurable social occasions during the year of the Dog.

He will, however, need to be mindful of how he interacts with his friends and may experience a lapse in self-awareness which could result in an indiscreet comment upsetting a close friend. There could be an opportunity to develop a new interest or join a group; this could also be some work with a charity, adding a different quality to his life.

Favourable months for social occasions are May, July, September, and December. Overall, although the year of the Yang Earth Dog could have some pressures and challenges, if the Goat remains observant and decisive he will discover some hidden benefits which will serve him well in the future.

Rewards for his efforts and perseverance will come to light in the 2019 Pig year.

You are in affinity with the Horse. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Horse with you at all times.

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Monkey

Keeping eyes wide open and alert should be the Monkey’s mantra during the year of the Yang Earth Dog. There will be interesting opportunities throughout the year but, to ensure the Monkey doesn’t miss out, he must keep up to date with everything going on around him and communicate with others.

Work life for the Monkey in 2018

The Monkey’s ability to be resourceful will serve him well during the year, and as long as he’s willing to adapt, there could be some exciting new developments in the workplace which will offer opportunities for progress.

It will be vital for the Monkey to maintain close communication with his work colleagues so that he’s informed when an opportunity arises.

Doing so will result in significant progress throughout the year. Appealing opportunities also await the Monkey who’s eager to find new employment.

However, the multi-talented Monkey will fare well by keeping an open mind and consider other types of occupation to utilise their skills.

They may find that this will propel them in a new and exciting direction.

Favourable months for work developments are March, April, October, and November.

Finances for the Monkey in 2018

The year of the Dog will bring great rewards as far as work is concerned, but financially the Monkey will need to be vigilant and if he is considering any large purchases with accompanying legal paperwork, he must ensure that all paperwork is thoroughly checked and preferably by a professional.

Be aware Monkey that the Dog year is not a year for financial risks.

However, by seeking advice, substantial purchases maybe recommended. The Monkey will enjoy purchasing gifts, items for his home and on social activities throughout the year.

Domestic and Social Life for the Monkey in 2018

To ensure that the Monkey doesn’t make any hasty decisions, he will benefit by paying attention, listen to his family and understand that every piece of advice, or caution, they give him is for his best interests only.

Ultimately, he will appreciate their encouragement, advice, and support.

The Monkey will enjoy his home life and family activities immensely during the year of the Dog.

The year of the Dog will also include a very pleasurable social life for the Monkey.

However, to avoid upsets or misunderstandings, the mischievous Monkey should be warned not to get too carried away with his antics.

He could also enjoy an increase in invitations with regards his interests or even work.

Favourable months for social events are February, March, July, and December.

As the Dog year progresses, the Monkey, who is in a new relationship, could find his feelings deepening and the relationship moving forward.

The single Monkey will have opportunities to meet a new love. The Monkey likes to make the most of his talents and skills, and he will find the time and get great pleasure for self-improvement throughout the year.

Overall, the year of the Dog will be varied and will bring its challenges for the Monkey.

However, with his ever-alert eye, he will find new opportunities await him.

He will enjoy his domestic and social life and create many pleasant memories. You are in affinity with the Snake. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Snake with you at all times

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Rooster

The year of the Yang Earth Dog will be a hectic one for the outgoing and well organised Rooster.

However, to get the most from the year, he will fare best by remaining flexible in all matters.

Work life for the Rooster in 2018

The Rooster will achieve more significant results for the year if he accepts that the year of the Dog is not the year for reaching his work goals.

If he approaches the year with the mind set that he will best be served by improving his knowledge, skills and gain more experience, then it will be this that will propel him forward in upcoming years. Many Rooster will have taken a new direction in 2017 and 2018 is the perfect year to embrace their new position, improve their skills and learn as much as they can about their new role.

Don’t forget, Rooster, to connect and communicate with work colleagues.

Showcase your talents, and you’ll appreciate their help and support. The Rooster is, by nature, a thorough and meticulous being but the year of the Dog will be challenging for him and extremely busy.

As a result, he may find that he could miss essential matters and his usual high standards may fall.

When the pressure builds Rooster, try to take the time-out, meditate or take regular short naps to breakup your day.

These respites will enable you to approach any stressful matters with a deeper sense of ease and bring you back in control of the situation. Flexibility is called for again this year if the Rooster wishes to change his employment.

Try to think outside of your usual occupation and consider any position.

The Rooster may come across some stiff competition so before dismissing an opportunity scrutinise it and try to see the advantages.

Most favourable months for career developments are March, June, September, and October.

Finances for the Rooster in 2018

As with most signs during this year of the Dog, effective money management will be necessary.

The Rooster could find it an expensive year, so endeavour to compare prices, especially when purchasing high-end products or entering into an agreement.

The Rooster will also need to read thoroughly any documentation regarding an expensive purchase.

Plan your budget Rooster, and you’ll reduce any stress regarding finances.

Domestic and Social Life for the Rooster in 2018

The Rooster places himself in a very central position in the home.

Those around him appreciate his ability to organise and stay up-to-date on all matters as well as his ability to communicate and be ready to listen and give advice. If the Rooster plans any home projects, such as improvements or renovations, then it will be critical to remain flexible with deadlines and to be realistic with completing projects by a fixed time.

The year of the Dog will be hectic for the Rooster, and he won’t fare well if he places too much pressure on himself to have completion by a set date. The Rooster, and his family will need the time-out from the busy schedule to enjoy some relaxing time or enjoying a shared interest. They can benefit enormously by setting time aside to pursue a personal interest or learn a new skill. A busy, pleasurable social life is also on the agenda for the gregarious Rooster during the year of the Dog.

He will enjoy many invitations and be able to showcase his fabulous conversational skills.

However, the Rooster can be tactless if he has the opportunity and this year he will need to be on guard and be mindful of saying something that he may regret later.

Favourable and active months for social activity will be April, June, July, and November. The Rooster will enjoy time away and would benefit by organising a holiday at some point during the year.

This vacation would be an opportunity to meet and connect with others. Overall, a positive year for the Rooster as long as he’s prepared to be flexible and takes breaks when the pressure builds up.

He will be laying down some excellent foundations for upcoming years. You are in affinity with the Dragon. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Dragon with you at all times

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Dog

2018 will be the year of the Yang Earth Dog and if this is your sign you can celebrate and enjoy your year.

There will be many opportunities in both professional and personal life. However, the one thing the Dog will need to remember is that this year will require action to achieve the maximum amount of benefit and reward.

The Dog will need to let go of past frustrations and disappointments otherwise this will hold him back.

Work life for the Dog in 2018

There will be some excellent opportunities to progress at work including promotions. If the Dog feels the urge to change employment, then this too is looking promising.

He mustn’t allow any rejections to set him back as this will mean something more suitable awaits him. Some Dogs will benefit from furthering their education or skills, especially if venturing into new employment.

Favourable months for career developments are March, April September, and October.

Finances for the Dog in 2018

Due to the Dogs successes and advancement in his work situation, he will enjoy an increase in income with some Dogs receiving additional revenue from a new venture or extra work. A healthier bank account will mean that many Dogs will decide to start some home projects, book a holiday or pursue an interest.

2018 will be a perfect time for the Dog to look carefully at his outgoings, set up a budget and, if he isn’t already, start to save for future security.

Domestic and Social Life for the Dog in 2018

The Dog can look forward to a busy home life during 2018, and this will bring to fruition any long-held plans to dive into home improvements or even move.

Careful planning and budgeting as well as not rushing to get the job completed will bring much pleasure and satisfaction for the Dog.

Purchasing a new home could feel challenging and time-consuming, but the results will be worth it.

The 2018  year of the Yang Earth Dog will herald the start of a new, grand era for the Dog.

The Dog will need to remember to communicate with his loved ones regarding any concerns and plans.

By opening up and sharing, he will benefit and appreciate their support and advice.

2018 will be an active year socially for the Dog.

He will enjoy making new contacts and form some strong, long-lasting friendships.

Many single Dogs can look forward to a new romance and be able to leave behind any past disappointments; it will be time to enjoy a fresh start.

Favourable months for socialising are February, March, July, and August.

Overall, the year of the Yang Earth Dog will be a very fruitful and rewarding period.

Some great opportunities are waiting for the Dog, but he must act and move forward every step of the way.

You are in affinity with the Rabbit. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Rabbit with you at all times.

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Pig

The year of the Yang Earth Dog may not seem to move quickly enough for the hard-working Pig but the year will have many benefits. If he accepts this it will be the year to lay down foundations; the Pig will enjoy the fruits of his efforts in the following years and most especially in the 2019 year of the Pig.

Work life for the Pig in 2018

The year of the Dog is the perfect year for the Pig to consider furthering his knowledge and skills.

If he remains alert to any courses or training that are made available to him and relevant to his work, then signing up and dedicating time to study will bring fantastic opportunities for progress and rewards in upcoming years. The Pig will also make headway by displaying his enthusiasm in his workplace which could result in opportunities to become involved with other ventures, including working with recruits and colleagues. The Dog year will be a good year for change for any Pigs keen to move on from their current position.

Making an effort to investigate work opportunities, and staying committed to making a move, will bring very satisfactory and pleasing results for the Pig.

He will find that the pace will pick up towards the end of the year and in the following Pig year of 2019.

In some cases, the soft and open-hearted Pig may find that applications or interviews will not go the way he anticipated which could leave him feeling sad and defeated. However, if he looks logically and carefully into the possible reasons, such as lack of a particular skill or displaying the wrong attitude, then the Pig will gain some insight and become a little more enlightened which will serve him well in the future.

Favourable months for work progress and opportunities are late February, March, and October through to early December.

There is a definite upsurge of possible opportunities in the second half of the year.

Finances for the Pig in 2018

The year of the Dog will be an encouraging year regarding the Pig’s finances.

He enjoys the more exceptional things in life including good food, luxuries and holidays and can very quickly spend his earnings.

The Pig can also look forward to additional monies flowing in throughout the year from either a gift or from extra work opportunities. Although he likes to spend and enjoy his money the Pig is also very financially savvy and will invest, increase his savings or even pay off a loan.

The Pig should avoid rushing in or being hasty if purchasing a large or expensive item.

He will benefit from exploring other options before making a decision.

Domestic and Social Life for the Pig in 2018

The Pig can look forward to a very pleasurable home-life in the year of the Dog.

There may be moments of discord within the family unit, but the Pig will draw on his peacemaker skills and readily diffuse any situation before it gets out of hand.

He will also enjoy organising special occasions and treats for the family which will be much appreciated and make many happy memories. On another note, the Pig shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help if needed.

He may find occasions where he feels some pressure and his loved ones will enjoy repaying him for his many thoughtful ways.

Investing in home-life during 2018 will bring many benefits.

The Pig is a popular and sociable being, and he can look forward to an entertaining year of the Dog including time set aside for his recreational interests and spending time with friends.

It will be beneficial for the Pig to set time aside for his hobbies which will help to keep his life in balance and enable him to relax and recoup his energy. Romance is also on the horizon for the unattached Pig which will prove an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Favourable months for socialising, developing new friendships and finding love are March, April, July, and September. Overall, the year of the Dog will prove worthwhile and enjoyable for the Pig.

However, while it won’t be a year for fast-forwarding progress, there will be many successes to reap in future years as long the Pig grasps any opportunity that comes his way to further his knowledge and skills.

The conscientious and hard-working Pig will be rewarded in the much quicker and more active 2019 Pig year. You are in affinity with the Tiger. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Tiger with you at all times.

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